You get 1 Point for every 3 minutes you are on the stream.
Regulars receive 50% more points.
Supporters | Subs receive double points every minute.
You also get points by Subscribing, Bits or Donations.

Type !points in chat to see your points.
Type !time in chat to see your total time.
Use !share name amount to share your points to someone.
(Example: !share Luki 100)
You can trade your points for the following


Type the command in chat

!suggest + Message - Send us a suggestion.
!kittyface50Points - I will do my kittyface.
!bigeyes50Points - I will do my big eyes.
!dollface50Points - I will do my doll face.
!princess50Points - I will do my princess face.
!shrug50Points - I will do the shrug face.
!asmr150Points - I will do ASMR.
!cat 300Points - Show you my cat on stream.
!spin 700Points - Spin the Wheel.
!break500Points - I will take a break and talk to you guys for 10 min.
!blackwhite600Points - I will stream in black&white for a while.
!scare800Points - Scare the chat with a scary sound.
!welcome [YOUR TEXT HERE] 1000Points - Receive a custom welcome message when you join the chat.
!prize10KPoints - Win a random prize: Sound Command, Discord Color, Extra Giveaway Entry, Free Sub, Nothing
!vip50KPoints - Get the VIP Role and Badge New

Chat commands

Type the command in chat

!schedule - See the schedule in your timezone.
!uptime - Display's this stream's time.
!lukitime - Displays Luki's time in her timezone.
!time - Displays your time spent on stream.
!followdate - Display the date you followed.
!howlong - Display how long you've been following.
!quote - Display a random quote.
!discord - Displays the discord server invite link.
!define word - Links to the definition of the word.
!balloon name - Give someone a balloon.
!greet name - Greet your friend!
!bye - Use this when you’re leaving the stream!
!gift - Give a random person  KittyPoints
!free - Receive free  KittyPoints (Subs & Supporters)
!donate - Donation link

Sound commands

Use the command in chat and the sound will play on stream.

!random80Points - Play a random sound.

!doh !bazinga !error !tuturu !whip !nope !excellent !toasty
!beach !round !puta !mada !meow !denied !hi !khaled !wat !go !woter !lootNew

!lightsaber !nuts !silence !r2d2 !chewbacca !jeff !skinny !batman
!hello !arigato !brb !shutdown !angrycat !smile !crickets !mad

!darkness !candy !shazam !maybach !johnny !america !speedrun !pee

!fatality !finishhim !headshot !plata !destroy !rasengan !prepared !shit
!applause !fkup !holyshit !humiliation !failed !english !stars !comfy

!9000 !cop !laugh !fast !try !hurt !purge !nani !eternity !lamp !dva

!nooo !surprise !hallelujah !pablo !choppa !penny !scorpion
!druglord !wtf !shots
 !out !titanic !guilty !hanzo !vicky !russia

!airhorn !monsterkill !drama !dramatic !sexy !lalala !fku !dontcare
!move !bossass !run !gandalf !jelly
!woody !cmon !fly !romania
!profanity !fuck !daniel


!balls !johncena !pikachu !predator !predator2 !rickroll !rumble !sparta
!weed !toys !mlb !rollin !sister !kill !condom !police !dapolice !feelgood
!whatislove !nyan !molly !doit !lulupedr !killme !world !tracer
!wtf2 !gum !doom !evillaugh !liukang !luki !outplayed !wakanda !camper

!trololo !nein !thuglife !starwars !spongebob !leroy !die !mysenpai !warning !nazgul

!breakingbad !illuminati !noogod !americano !kamehameha !fullnani !nothing !whaNew

!raul !horse !monkey

GIF Commands (Subs & Supporters)

Use the command in chat and the video will play on stream.

!randomgif200Points - Play a random GIF

!wth !theone !kitty !handsup !jack !healing !startup !catjump
!goku !ko !mission !pika

!sing !workout !sleep !sit !party !panda !jump !cannon !camo
!bang !bee!kungfu !ducks
!nacho !wow !theway !pokemon !ded

!dogs !bird !birds !parrot !shitday !spiderman !gangster !cherry
!chav !pushup
!skate !uncle !nofuck !magic !dinosaur !asshole
!tin !pan !shot !catgun !bob !wasted !catplay !spinningNew !fullautoNew

!thrift !supernova !reaper !hunter !badday !badcat !internet
!tireman !wallstreet !turup !penguins !rap !murica
!nade !julien !bsod

!x !omgwoman !feedbaby !chucknorris !transcendence
!gtfo !twerk !father
 !gym !slide !praise !alliance !clyde


Request a song by typing !sr or !song followed by the song name or youtube link
(10 min max)

❗ DO NOT Request Troll, Racist or Bad Songs.
You will be Blacklisted from requesting songs ever again.

!np - Now playing
!voteskip - Vote to skip the current song
!wrongsong - Removes your last requested song
!playlist - View the playlist

Example: !sr SNSD Flower Power
Use !playlist to see the song list.

Use the !roll (amount) to play roll the dice.
Roll between 60 to 98 to double your bet.
Roll 99 or 100 to triple your bet.
Example: !roll 100

Type !slots in chat to play slots.
The cost is 100 points/spin
You can win 200 to 1999 Points.

In this game you are risking all your points in the attempt to win 1000.
To play the game type !risk in chat, it will cost you 200 points.
You either win 1000 points
or lose all your points

Join others in a Heist
Type !heist and the amount to invest.
The more people join the heist,
the bigger the chance of success and the prize.
The Heist, when enabled, runs every 30min for 3min.